S05E12 – Taking This One To The Grave – All Four

S05E12 – Taking This One To The Grave – All Four

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6 What is wrong with this woman!?!? 2 How creepy is this image. 3 I loved how this looked, I was really hoping for Mona to get back into the group against stupid Ali!4 Sigh, poor Hanna. 5 Look at Mona, at her best, all smart and skeeming!

I wanted to add a bit more text to this post. I thought this episode was too much, way too gruesome. I write about the fashion side of the show, but it seems ridiculous after this episode! If Ali is really the murderer of Mona, then she really is a sociopath or something similar and to be honest, it freaks me out!

What did you guys felt during the last couple of minutes of this episode? It was to horrific for my taste!

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  1. luna
    | Beantwoorden

    I agree with you, they’re going out of their way to do the show just to blow up some tweets! it’s a bad idea to kill Mona but people are saying the twin theory is surfacing because Ali wouldn’t do such a thing

    • Brigitte Dam
      | Beantwoorden

      To be honest, I do think Ali is crazy, just not stupid. So I don’t think she killed Mona herself, but I do think she is responsible or at least capable of something like this! The look on her face while watching her ‘friends’ cry over Mona was pretty telling!

      I am very curious what will happen next. Hopefully something fun will happen too, cause the show could use some of it!

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