Season 5 Premiere!!! EscApe from New York

Season 5 Premiere!!! EscApe from New York

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Poor Aria, this must be real traumatic. First your boyfriend is a first class liar, and now you have to worry about his life. There’s no time to be even a little bit angry at him.

MISSING! Now everyone is more involved then ever. How their parents must be worried sick!!!

Leader begin Alison?

I am sorry but WHY would you EVER go from a crowded street to a abandoned play yard when you’re being followed by a homicidal maniac(s). I know, I know, because if else the show wouldn’t be exciting. But still… Pretty stupid.

A lot of A‘s? I am beginning to think all the people who were bullied by the Alison we all came to know and NOT love, teamed up and have taken revenge…

Wow how freaky scary is Spencer’s dad??? Even Melissa looks real scared. Is there more about him we don’t know (YET)?

I love the new scenery in the show!

Ezra trying to make something very clear to Aria! Exciting moment. Don’t trust Shana anymore!!! (Not sure I ever did though)

What is going on around here? Seems my first thought earlier may be right?

Well she looks like a woman with a plan. What is she doing here?

Wait what???


I loved the season premiere! I do think nothing is resolved yet. Sasha is of course not (only) A. I didn’t feel the relieve the girls felt after Sasha accidentally died! I am curious though what is going to happen when the girls go home. And what will Ali do? I don’t trust her, I think.

What did you guys think of this weeks episode???


PS Clothing following right away!

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