S02E18 – A Kiss Before Lying – All Four

S02E18 – A Kiss Before Lying – All Four

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Season 2 Episode 18 – A Kiss Before Lying

Well I was so tired, actually I still am, of making very long day because of the launch of my new jewelry line in the upcoming week! To be honest, I think I’m more tired of the adrenaline rushing through me from the excitement, then the hours I am making… Hahah. Anyways, I thought let’s relax and write something for my PLL blog and followers. So here’s another oldie. But wow there were so many outfit and I found almost all of them! It took me hours but I am very happy with the result. Hope you guys like it!


P.S. So weird btw. I was looking for the last post I wrote and I saw that I did write an “All Four”-post for this episode, but I didn’t write anything about the clothes. And I wrote this post back in August 2012! Hahah. Better late then never!

After speaking to her friends about Caleb, Hanna feels they are giving her the cold shoulder. Emily hopes to re-introduce Maya to her mother.


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