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Hi Everybody!

It has been very quiet on this blog for a while now! I have been very busy studying, working, designing for my jewelry business and of course having a personal life somewhere in between those projects. Anyways, even though I love to blog, I have to make priorities. Which, to be honest, took me a long time to make! I just couldn’t decide.

My biggest priorities are my studies, Psychology, and my work cause you just need to make money to get by hahaha. But to relax, I have noticed I really love to blog and mostly work on web design and graphic design. So whenever I can I will be posting about the girls and everything. I am cleaning up the site right now so it will be a lot easier for you guys to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Well to sum it up, just keep checking on the site! I will be making it easier to ask questions and everything. If you have any request, about outfits but also about features on the website, you just let me know and I’ll work on it!!




P.S. Don’t you love the new photos of PLL?

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