S04E16 – Close Encounters – All four

S04E16 – Close Encounters – All four

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Two episodes online today! I thought it was great Emily finally really touched Alison, to let us know it’s not a dream or anything!
But my god can Hanna be more awful. Yikes. I mean, we’ve all been through heartache. But I would never be this mean ( and that long ) to my friends and family. So annoying that everyone just let her talk to them like that.
And the way Spencer behaves to her parents is really strange as well. She easily threatens them. My mother would have already grabbed me by my ears for even thinking of blackmailing her. But Spencer’s parents seem even afraid of her. Strange and really unrealistic if you ask me…
And I can wait for Aria to get to know the real Ezra! And poor Emily, all the mixed feelings. Alison maybe playing with her or not…
What do you guys think about Hanna and Spencer’s behavior, Aria and Ezra’s relationship and Emily’s heart?
PS Who do you guys think put the knives in that boxing thing of Jake’s? Has the new A member, Ezra, written all over it don’t you think?


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  1. Assia Luna
    | Beantwoorden

    I would not wanna be in Aria’s shoes when the real Ezra is unraveled :s
    Why did they ruin our Ezra :'( he was my favourite character 🙁

    • Brigitte Dam
      | Beantwoorden

      Hahaha me neither. Pfff he was my favorite too, maybe still is hahah. Besides he’s soo hot;). BUT! Most of the A member suspects, weren’t part of the A team in the end. Maybe there is another explanation for Ezra’s strange behavior and the apartment. The show makes him look really suspicious as they did with all of them!

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